Vertical scissor lift for cargo
Published:2017-05-19 Read: 209 times

                                                                 Vertical scissor lift for cargo
Vertical scissor lift for cargoes is used in loading and unloading from ground to next level. Vertical scissor lift is installed in a pit, when it is static, keep level with ground, easy to load and unload carg.

You can control electric scissor lift on the ground and platform, it can stop anywhere. The power is AC power, we can deploy the pump station according to local’s voltage.

Our products can be customized according to your requirement, you only tell us the lifting height, load capacity, platform size you need.

1. Easy operation: button control, user can operate hydraulic scissor lift at each level.Control box on ground  Control button on platform

2. Dock position: travel switch of lift will be designed and confirmed before delivery. Goods lift can be stopped at any height needed.
3. Stable lifting: electric-hydraulic system enable lift rise up and down smoothly. Improved scissor structure makes whole machine with good stability.
4. Safe: user can adjust emergency decline valve to let lift down safely when power off.
5. Load/unload side: this depends on customer's use site.

Guardrails are removable.